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About Tax

As a genral rule, moving items can be exported/imported free of tax.
If one person is sending his/her items to the same person, and the items are generally all used items, the customs officer will allow the items to be imported free of tax.

US, UK, Australia, NZ, and major European countries allow the import of your items free of tax based on the premise that they are used items.
However, the customs officer will apply some tax if one item is being sent in a large quantity, as it will somehow be regarded not as personal effets but as commercial export/import items. Some tax may be applied to other items as well. It all depends upon the customs officer.
But some developing countries are very strict about moving items. Taxes may be applied to some electric appliances even if they are used items.

In order to clear customs, you must prepare the following documents.

  1. Inventory list
  2. Arrival notice given by the local shippineg agent
  3. Passport copy, the face top page
  4. Passport copy, the landing stamp page indicating when you have returned to your home country
  5. Custom forms, if any (for some countries, this can be prepared in flight.)