3. Pet Move

Pet Move

Why is it a burden to send your pet (e.g., dogs, cats) from Japan to your (home) country?

  • Because the quarantine policy is very different for each country, and what must be prepared differs depending upon the policy of each country.
  • Because there are so many difficult terms for names of pet diseases and medicines, which are hard to understand.
  • Because it is very difficult to communicate with a Japanese vet about the required processes in Japan, due to a language barrier.
  • Because the export application work in Japan’s quarantine office is complicated.

Economove Japan is happy to support you in eliminating such difficulties on your behalf.

Japan is internationally regarded as a RABIES FREE country at this moment, and this definition of “RABIES FREE country” is a very important factpr in considering import/export.
Japan being a “RABIES FREE country” makes importing to Japan a difficult prodecure, while making exporting abroad an easier procedure.
However, even if the pet is brought from Japan, some countries require that pets go through a Rabies Anti Virus Test after a blood sampling is sent to a specified laboratory.

Please see the required procedures for exporting to strictly quarantine-controlled countries by clicking here.