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Self Pack

Self Service Pack is for moving a small volume (applicable only for up to 2 m3). In addition to the SELF Door to Door pack, we also offer SELF Door to Port service for which the pickup at destination is quite simple. However, the delivery service costs in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are very reasonable, and therefore may be worthwhile.

The Self Pack Service method:

  1. ECONOMOVE JAPAN sends four empty cartons which total 1 m3. One carton is 0.25 m3, whose inner dimensions are 520 mm (length) x 680 mm (width) x 620 mm (height).
    (Outer size is 540mm (L) x 700mm (W) x 660mm (H), or 3' 6" (L) x 2' 4" (W) x 2' 2 1/2" (H))

    Two standard outer cartons make 1M3 HOW TO TAPE THE BOX
  2. This carton is made of special durable material that is resistant against rough handling during surface shipment.
  3. Packing paper or bubble wrap is not includedso please kindly prepare newspapers or cloth, towels, etc. as packing material. You may also wish to prepare bubble wrap which can be purchased at a DIY shop.
    Your normal small cardboard boxes are not suitable for delivery by surface. They are not durable enough, and therefore, will be in great danger of going missing or being damaged.
    If you have the items that are bigger than our carton sizes, do not hesitate to ask us to build custom-made cartons for you.
    Once we received the precise measurements of the larger items, we are happy to provide the special cartons as an optional item. (Additional charges will apply.)

  4. Complete the "Self Pack" inventory list enclosed with the empty cartons.
    Circle the applicable items, and indicate quantities and amount prices in Japanese yen, as you see on the sample form. If you are unable to find the proper item on the list, circle "etc." and write the content in the blank space.

  5. Complete the order form.

  6. Make a photo copy of your passport
    Face page only (Photocopy should be magnified by 140% to ensure smooth documentation work.)

  7. Make a photo copy of your travel itinerary for returning to your country.

  8. Complete the insurance application form. This insurance offers low-cost, limited coverage.
    The insurance premium rate is 0.5%, which is the cheapest in the international movers market.

  9. Please send the above 2, 3, 4, and 5 by mail to our office by using the enclosed envelope. (A stamp is already on it.)
    It must be delivered to ECONOMOVE JAPAN Co., LTD. by the pickup date. Should you miss this deadline, we ask that you send it by fax. Our fax number is 03-3334-9069.

  10. According to the instruction enclosed with the empty cartons, please pack your personal effects at your own risk.
    1. Do not pack liquid items.
    2. Do not pack prohibited items.
    3. Do not overpack the carton that it becomes swollen. If the carton is swollen, the insurance will not cover any damages as the packing method will be deemed improper.
    4. Use all of the packing tape until it is used up.
    5. There is a weight limit of approximately 50kg/110lbs per 0.25m3 carton, as the cartons must be carried by two person including the driver.
    6. Place shipping marks (stickers) enclosed with the empty cartons on the side of our cartons. Two sticker smust be placed on the each side of carton. (Please see the sample.)
    7. Should the cartons exceed 60 kg/0.25 m3 and your residence is located on a second floor without an elevator, you are requested that you enlist the help of two more individuals to carry the cartons during pickup.

  11. Call us to request the pickup of packed cartons. at least two days notice excluding Sunday. Pick up hours are Monday-Saturday between 12:00-17:00 . Sorry that we do not accept Sunday, National holiday pickup, and also the morning hours Mon-Sat pickup.
    Should you need any language assistance during pickup, please call Mr. Shima at 090-6476-9970, or 0120-981-862.

  12. Please pay the invoiced amount to our bank account at your earliest conveniences by the full carton pickup date. As for the payment, we only accept bank wire transfer. Thank you very much for you kindest understanding

  13. After the payment is confirmed, we will proceed to book a vessel. As soon as the date is fixed, shipping schedule will be emailed to you.