3. Transformer Sales

Transformer Sales

The above VA value is for your reference only. Please confirm the WATT value shown on the label, and calculate using the above formula.

ProductsizeVA value
Stereomini component70?80VA
StereoCD radio Casette12?30VA
StereoMD radio Casette80?100VA
Microwave oven-140?180VA
Rice cooker-840?1400VA
Hot plate-1440?1700VA

In order to make use of electric appliances bought into Japan, step up/down transformers are required.

Various models or capacity of transformer are on the market. According to your environment (in which country? for what type of electric appliances to connect?) you can select the proper types.

An AC adapter for the latest models of laptop PC or digital video camera have come to comply with the worldwide voltage ranges such as the 100V-240V range. However, there have also been reports of damaged AC adapters due to unstable voltages.
There is an option to select a transformer which has an automatic voltage regulation ability. Economove Japan is happy to provide our clients with necessary transformers at special prices. This will allow you to avoid having to go to electric appliance stores, and to carry heavy transformer in the move.
We will bring it to your residence, along with other personal items. As the 1.5 KW type weighs approximately 8 kg or 18 lb, it can actually be a burden to carry it home from the store. We recommend that you to compare our price with the market value. In order to find out the proper type that you need, please use the following formula to calculate the required VA (volt-ampere) value.

VA value  WATT figure which is shown on the label of electcic appliances x 1.2 
Fill in the WATT figure → watt
Press here after filling out the WATT figure →
The required capacity will appear here → VA