Italia to Milano


Ciao e konnichiwa? Shima san!
I hope you are well and in good spirits!?
I apologies for not writing to you sooner, mushiwake gozaimasen… that I had received my consignment last month.? My apartment is now filled with Japan and I remebered yesterday that I had written to you to confirm that I received?both cartons and everything arrived safely!
It did take a little longer to process the consignment with the Italian customs, and I was in in Australia at the time of the arrival to Italy.? A happy ending.?? Also, Mr. Floriano Terrano, who works in the Fortune Italy shipping office in Milano, speaks Japanese very very well, and i had many interesting conversations with him in Japanese.?
He is a good contact within this company that has a lot of business with Japan and China
Thank you very much again, Mr. Shima, for your excellent and reliable service.? That that physically concludes all of my possessions from living in Kyoto for 13 years.
I will always recommend your service to my freinds who remain in?Kyoto and require shipping services. Enjoy the remainder of this year.

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